Let's go with one of the best mantras for anyone struggling.

You are not responsible for everything. You might think and feel like it won't get done without you checking on it, but you know what? That's just not the case.

Breath in, breath out. It's OK to let go of what is not yours. You might feel like you now have a little hole in your life. What do you fill it with? Something you love :)

Working through my burnout at work I am discovering that I need to begin working smarter, not harder.

It begins with a hard line of where my work life ends and my home life begins. I realize in the past 10 years, I just haven't done that, at all.

My co-worker just shared a story as I was writing this that is a perfect example of what it sounds like when you are overworked and not taking care of yourself.

He was in the hospital with his wife back in the day and through the window, he could see the moon really bright and beautiful. But after only admiring it for a split second the list of to to-do's starting rolling around in his head and he said, "I don't have time for the moon." It hit him right in the gut, "if I don't have time for the moon, what do I have time for?"

Now you might be saying, who cares? You should care. When was the last time you went outside and took a big deep breath of fresh air, or walked your dog, dug your toes in the sand or walked barefoot through the grass? In today's technology-driven world if we are not connecting with nature and taking quiet moments for ourselves, I fear our brains will turn to goo. This is not a scientific fact, just a thought about how we are handling our day-to-day.

Last night I wrote out my intentions -- each one 10 times on a piece of paper -- and just let the words flow through my fingers onto the page. I took the one that meant the most to me and burned it under the moonlight, allowing my hopes and dreams to be offered up to nature.

After going back inside this mantra started rolling around in my head I felt the need to share with my husband. Honestly, I felt a little embarrassed saying it out loud, but he immediately worked those words into a certain situation I had just dealt with and was still upset about. After writing it down on this piece of paper I figured out a game plan, and this morning put it into action. Everyone involved now has a smile on their face and no one was left feeling dejected. Boom! Trust your gut.

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