Are you aware of how much time you spend on each one of your social accounts? Before you lay the hammer down on the kids, take a look at the example you are setting. Are you constantly on your phone? Let's connect with our kids. Find out what are they doing, who are they connecting with by opening a constant and trusted line of communication.

Are they starting to act out or how are they connecting socially? Some of the changes could be because social media is causing sleep disturbances some of it could have nothing to do with social media but an issue at school.

Let's set-up a go-to list of activities that have nothing to do with screen time but everything to do with bonding and reconnecting with items that have been around longer than phones. Drawing, playing an instrument, dancing, going for a walk. Taking yoga or learning how to meditate.

Misty will be back next Monday to go over the teenage brain and young love in honor of Valentine's Day so if you are already struggling and searching for guidance please don't hesitate to reach out.

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