Last Wednesday when psychic medium Melissa Henyan was in the studio, she mentioned that I needed to ground myself. A lot of energy was being used and it needed to be released. I felt it too. Wild and angry. The socks needed to come off and my bare feet touching the grass … to center myself.

Hi, my name is Sarah J and I have a temper.

I can go from zero to 100 real quick but fingers crossed if you've ever been on the receiving end, we've worked it out or as Melissa would say, " our souls had a contract that needed to be met."

Trust I am not just popping off at random, even though it might seem as such. I acknowledge and am working on the trait of stuffing everything into one ball and then allowing the most minute item topple the entire structure. The amount of energy I have at times can feel like I'm on an upper.


With headspace and meditations I occasionally do, along with trying to be more in the moment and accepting of signs this message flew into the car window yesterday and I was totally there to receive it.

My husband and I were getting ready to drive to Selah when a ladybug flew in the window and landed on him. He handed it to me I spoke wishes of love for family, friends with good vibes all around and assumed that would be it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that ladybug traveled with us from Yakima to Selah. Flew off once  into town but honestly, have your ever had a ladybug hitch a ride on you from one city to another?

After the shock wore off and the ladybug was still there I made sure to speak all the positive affirmations I could think.

The struggles we have in our daily lives have solutions. Be it our bending, someone else or a mixture of the two. As I get older I am always trying to learn and move forward  so I wished for the strength to speak the truth, to stand my ground but also to admit my faults and work to better myself daily.

From a spirit guide standpoint the ladybug showing up coupled with the dragonflies at the beach are all good signs and I am soaking up the knowledge.

Here is what the info says

Like butterflies, ladybugs undergo what is called a “complete transformation”. Dragonflies, on the other hand, only undergo “incomplete transformation“.

Diving further into the info there will be four phases to this transformation so I looked up the number four and its significance. If you have made it this far and feel the connection to the number four you need to read this and soak it up as well.

It took four days for the socks to come off but it was worth it and as we roll into a Monday, as soon as you get a chance. Bare feet to the ground before it's too cold to do so.

We all have to take care of each other because we're only here once …

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