The alarm went off this morning and normally I am thinking, "noooooooooooooooo! I need more time!" but not today :)

I woke-up feeling rested, at 6:44 am. Anyone set their alarm for random times?

Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a nap, went to bed at a decent hour and found an incredible new and FREE app called Headspace.

Meditation and sleep made simple is the description and honestly I feel pretty centered right now.

It's different than the OMMMMMMM of closing your eyes. For the first time I was told to open them and be aware of my surroundings. You can choose your session length 5 minutes or more and even set-up a daily time that works best for you to get into Headspace.

I am only on day two but if you are searching for something different to try, this is pretty sweet! What's an app you are using right now to stay focused, keep calm or stay organized?


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