In life, we all go through obstacles. I learned a long time ago. That your attitude determines your outcome. And that action creates motivation. Every day someone is going through something. Either mentally or physically, or both.

In these books, the common theme is overcoming obstacles. Reading these kinds of books has helped me become a calm person. Some may call it being stoic. Let's just say, reading what other people have gone through put things into a certain perspective. 

I am recommending these books to you. They are available in audio form, kindle, or as an actual book.

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In this book, Steve Harvey shows you how to take a leap of faith. And help you soar and get what you want in life.

The story of a young boy in search of treasure. On his journey with obstacles, he finds treasure within himself.

He was born without an arm and no legs. But that didn't stop Nick Santonastasso from social media stardom. And overcoming obstacles and achieving what he wants in life.

Known as the "The Hip Hop Preacher". Eric Thomas, Ph.D. Went from living in the streets in Detroit, Michigan. To become one of the top motivational speakers in the country. In this book, he shares his stories on what he overcame.

The theme of this book is simple. What you put out into the universe, sooner or later will manifest into what you want. Your thoughts become action.


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