This is a big test for all of us right now and honestly, we need to start working on acknowleding the positive aspects of the situation.

You have a space to call your own, if you do not I am very sorry and I hope that is taken care of in the near future.

Do you have any fruit at home? I have halo oranges to eat and now I know how to make candied orange peels, that the honey actually likes! Ever tried this business?

The next time you start munching on peeled fruit, keep the rinds for a delicious and colorful treat.

This ladies version is way shorter and easier than the version I attempted. I don't have a wire rack, or a slotted spoon and I have let mine sit out to air dry now for the second day so I am super curious how my first batch will taste compared to future batches now that I have a quicker version.

I've only tested an orange but I've got a lemon waiting to try shortly and I want to for sure test out some limes and grapefruits.

I did keep my orange sugar juice and even thought I'd try to make some flavored whipped creams, because yolo.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

For my second batch I'll try and knock a bit more sugar off but there really isn't anyone here to complain ;)


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