Green thumbs unite! Even the plant killers, you stay as well because there is something for everyone these days.

I've always wanted a big garden, on a farm with goats and chickens but for now, it's a deck garden full of potted plants

Sarah J's Garden

I still want to plant some sunflowers and today the plan is to regrow the last two roses from the bouquet I got from the hubs a bit ago. FYI, I have been using the rose water as a toner and it's awesome. My skin feels softer and the coolness of keeping it in a spray bottle in the fridge is perfect. :) I made enough to gift some to my Mom and sister-in-law :)

The mint has been super awesome to work with but I need to grow more now that I've figured out how to make a bomb mint mojito! I used it all! Seriously, next time you buy herbs for cooking, keep the leftovers to regrow!

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