Have you ever heard of rose water?

I accidentally ordered some rosewater face wash once but that's about it.


Having been on TikTok for a bit I noticed ladies making their own rose water so I looked up the benefits and was very impressed

I found a recipe and took to collecting all my wilting roses.

wilting rose
Sarah J

Items you will need:

Rose petals dry or fresh at least 1/4 cup of petals

Water (Distilled if you'd like to use it longer than a week)




measuring cup

bottle for storage in the fridge

Making Rose Water

I'm excited to try it as a toner for my skin, see if it will help the scar I just created by slicing my finger and possibly make tea :) They say if you put some in a spray bottle you can spritz yourself or your pillow to relieve stress. OK! :)




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