Friday morning of last week I ended up having a minor panic attack. I didn't know that's what it was at the time. I just started crying before I went to work and couldn't stop. I felt incredibly overwhelmed and honestly a bit out of control. Long days without taking me time, have begun taking their toll. On top of that I have not been working out and also eating whatever my heart desires so there are layers to this thing.

Have you noticed you've been picking on yourself lately?

I don't have kids so honestly my hat is off to all the parents out there trying to get through life without setting their hair and their child's on fire. My little nephew went from catching pneumonia recently to being transferred to children's hospital and having to get a chest tube. He is recovering nicely but holy moly I was so worried and he's not even mine.

With the cold weather and holidays drawing near my urge to bake has been ignited. I started with snickerdoodles that turned out a tad bit flat, third bake nailed it. The trick is to roll those suckers and let them firm up in the fridge, covered of course.

Next I made my way to dark chocolate oatmeal cookies which I proceeded to overcook but adjusted the time in the oven by two minutes for the final round to secure the delicious chewy goodness I was searching for. In a pinch, packing up cookies and bringing them to work, help increase productivity in my humble opinion.

Last I figured it's a weekend so I'm going to tackle squash soup but not one that I have already done, no I wanted to try and nail a copycat version of panera's autumn squash soup. YUM.

This isn't the version I attempted but for fun here you are because this one looks pretty good. FYI I did notice don't use apple cider vinegar use apple cider, I had two packs which I felt was a strong enough flavor for the two cups the recipe calls for.

I chopped up my squash, which took forever and be careful, I am lucky I have crappy knives because I almost took out my thumb and a couple of fingers while chopping.

The best tip I have for cooking is to line up all your ingredients before you start because I don't know what happened to the list I made for the store. It didn't have everything on it. I took a screenshot but obviously of the wrong thing haha.

I missed carrots, celery, sage and heavy cream. Boo! But ya know what. I will take it all as a win because once I realized I wasn't going to be making soup for dinner I found some jars to store everything and moved on. I didn't freak out, go negative I adjusted.

Everyday we will come up against roadblocks, created by ourselves or outside of ourselves but the only thing we can control is our reactions to these things. I am working everyday on not shutting down when coming across the roadblocks. Not freaking out on others when I don't like the info presented to me and also moving forward and not carrying those bumps with me.

Your reactions won't change overnight but if you can start with taking a deep breath and making an effort you will notice that overtime you won't allow the bumps to rock your day so hard ... most of the time.



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