I was turned on to something called That's It -- a fruit bar that literally only has two ingredients which usually apple and something else. It's the kind of thing usually found in the health-snack section of grocery stores. I just found bite sized versions of these covered in chocolate. Awesome!

I found these at Wray's as an impulse buy right before the cash register and had to do a double-take. They come in a resealable bag and only have about 4 bite-sized pieces in them. I prefer snackable items like this anymore because I don't want, say, a Snickers bar. I just want a bite of one and that's it, but when you open a Snickers you're compelled to eat the entire thing. This you can grab one, pop it in your mouth and close the bag back up.

And, still, using as few ingredients as possible. Just apple, something else like banana or strawberry and covered in dark chocolate. It works very well and I have no idea how they stay so soft.

I think these are pretty good and if you happen to see them, know that I think they're at least trying.

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