The world of Tiktok is an interesting place, no matter what you're into, where you live, what you do for a living, somehow the perfect videos find you. Of course, a lot of it is due to their high-tech algorithm.

However sometimes the videos on Tiktok hit a little too close to home. One video has gone viral after claiming to leak a pretty big kept secret. We'll get into what exactly she found then we'll take a look at the video.

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The video comes from Tiktok user MacabreHappenings where she reports mysterious events current and past. She recently discovered a radio interview from 1997 where a man who lived in Yakima Washington claimed to live next to the main army base in the city. He said he found a giant hole on his property that was promptly fifteen miles deep. This is deeper than any recorded mine shaft in world history.

A giant hole doesn't seem like much of a story but, when he started going into supernatural events surrounding it people began to listen. He claimed the hole itself was some sort of portal to another dimension, the feeling it gave off was dark and eerie, even his own dogs refused to go anywhere near it.

He also shared a story about a neighbor using the hole to discard of a dog that had passed away. However, the man claims the dog was alive and well the next day running around on his property.

Is this all just a man's delusion, or was there actual truth behind it? At first, it seems like a crazy man making up strange stories for attention, but when you use google earth the spot where the giant inter-dimensional hole is supposed to be is blocked out of any and all satellite images. So is it true, does this hole work as a portal to another dimension? We're putting that question up to you, if you have more information or know of who this man may be, reach out so we can get to the bottom of this...the story that is.

To watch the full video, follow the link below.

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