If you love Nelly's music or songs he's shared with other artists, you have to go see him live. Saturday night, he was in Yakima, after a long drive from Louisiana, to perform at our Central Washington State Fair. And it was incredible.

Did you go?

First off, D-Rez, Gunner and I were at the booth with a chance to win upgraded seats and even a meet-and-greet. Very impressive skills, people.

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Thank you to everyone who participated and stopped by to say hi.

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I was very excited to pump up the crowd before the show and then actually grab seats with my good friend Jacob Butler to watch the show.

OMG. You can tell that he loves what he does and had the entire crowd rocking out with a great mix of his best songs, some of his favorites from other artists and even some new music. All great and as my beautiful friend Sol mentioned, she loves an artist that doesn't lip sync and he did not lip sync. 150% agree. The energy he brought with his crew was fantastic.

If you were in the front row he actually came out at one point -- so cool -- and a good reminder to treat yourself when your favorite artists come to town (or try to get better at cornhole) jk

Here's what some of you had to say;

Chevy and Kristina Cortez "What an awesome concert! Place was packed out. Most people I have seen yet at a fair concert"


Edith Castillo, "It was so good"


Quin Dalan, "such a fun concert"


Jacob Butler, " “I heard Nelly put on an amazing show and he did not disappoint! I had the best time reliving some moments from high school and even back to middle school when I first slow danced with a girl to “Over & Over”. The energy was incredible and I danced and yelled until my voice was hoarse. I’ve seen a lot of concerts and this was one of the best! Couldn’t have gone with anyone better either! Sarah is the best!!!” I think I only took videos. And we didn’t get a photo together. Lol"


Lilie Sanchez, "Amazing show.. talk about sold out show that’s for sure

It's not very often that I get to meet the artists and though it was just for a second Nelly seems genuinely very nice. And he smells really good too!

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