Last night my husband and I were heading out to look at houses lit up like Christmas trees and on our way up Summitview I noticed that not only was Why Not! My Pho Kitchen's sign on but the open sign was also glowing bright!


Finally, Why Not! My Pho Kitchen is open on the corner of 40th and Summitview in Yakima, where the Subway used to be, 4001 Summitview. Props to the set-up, the open concept looks fantastic. You can use either door when you walk-in. To the left you'll find Nino's Mexican Grill and to the right Why Not! My Pho Kitchen.

Sarah Johnson
Pho for days

Pho, vermicelli and sandwiches are some of my favorites and they are all served here. I was so excited about the menu I kind of blanked once I realized just how authentic this place is.


The sweet lady at the front asked what I wanted, in my head I silently whispered everything, but I went with Pho for my first meal. She asked what kind, there are so many choices I said beef. She pointed to rows of meat and I said let's do it all. I had no idea what to expect but I was not disappointed!


Expertly packed with their house made noodles, veggies and other toppings in one bowl and the warm broth in and tons of sauces to add on top, I was in heaven.


The packing game for to go orders in 2020 has become next level, or maybe the pandemic has made me take more notice. Why Not! My Pho Kitchen knows how to pack the delicate items in way that you won't come home to find a block of noodles and wilted bits. It transferred easily into a large bowl or could be eaten right out of the container.


The noodles are light, the aroma smells incredible and with the broth poured over all those veggies your bites will keep you warm through the coming winter months.

I will be back to try the sandwiches with all the different combinations, the vermicelli options and also to try the eggs rolls and...ok I will be sampling the entire menu.

This is one of the spots that's a hidden gem in Yakima, try something new, when friends come to town, you can bring them here and for anyone out there who loves all things Pho and more, don't walk, run to try this new local spot.

Why Not! My Pho Kitchen

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