You've heard of it, you've seen signs advertising it, you may have even seen it on someone else's table when you opted or order something else. What is pho and where can you find some? Here's what you need to know about the best food you may not have tried yet.

Pho (prnounced Fuh) is a noodle soup from Veitnam that's made with rice noodles, meat and some other flavors in a beef broth. There's something special about it that I can't place my finger on that gives it a unique flavor. I've tried and tried to make it at home and I'm still not exactly sure what's in the stock to make it so delicious. It could be lime or jalapeno or maybe it's a specific herb but whatever it is, the combination of everything combined makes for a very tasty soup that I can, and do, eat all year long.

I asked the owners of Yakima's newest pho restaurant, Pho King Crab, what it takes to make it happen. They wouldn't give me their secret but they did say it's a long, slow process. I believe it!

If you want to give it a shot, here are a few places in Yakima to get pho. I'd recommend you trying it as soon as possible. I can almost promise that as soon as you try it for yourself you'll invite the rest of your friends to try it next time.

Pho King Crab (say it outloud)
On East Washington next to Toys R Us (across from JCPenny and Famous Dave's).

Famous Burger and Teriyaki
Off the corner of 5th and MLK across from Safeway.

Koi Bistro
16th and Summitview (in the old Golden Coin)

If there are other places in the Yakima Valley that also serve pho, tell me in the comments so I can check them out!

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