Welcome to Wednesday. Normally this afternoon would be reserved for our psychic medium Melissa Henyan but for the next two weeks (October 2nd and 9th) she and I have a very cool ask that reaches across the globe.


You have the chance to send us a message, via snail mail. That's right. I want you to send me a postcard with any question or concern that you have on your mind. Just release all the worries and fears onto the card and I will begin collecting them for a reading we will film, no full names or personal info will be used, for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Let's fall into a peaceful season by letting go of the anxiety, the worry, guilt, confusion or whatever blockage has got you feeling some type of way.

You can send your postcard to:

Sarah J and Psychic Medium Melissa Henyan

4010 Summitview Ave

Yakima, WA 98908

I would love for you to send this to any friend or family that is struggling for answers. This is our gift to you, a chance to free yourself of dramas you are holding onto and getting some answers.

You can't move forward if you don't let it go. So send your worries our way these next two weeks and stay tuned for more readings and fun activities


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