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"We love rapper Chingy's music, however, it's Lent." - Riggs+Reesha

Lent is a special time where you are supposed to give up something you like, love or feel tempted by, for 40 days.

"Do you have to be a Catholic to give up something for Lent?" asks the morning duo, Riggs+Reesha of 1073 KFFM infamy.

Chingy is a rapper from St. Louis who is affiliated with rapper Nelly and the St. Louis Lunatics. He is well known in pop radio for such classic hits as "Right Thurr," "Balla Baby," "One Call Away" and "Pulling Me Back".

"As much as we want to, we cannot play Chingy's music for Lent, we will restrain ourselves -- wait, I barely remember him, what is the point, is this supposed to be a sacrifice?" Riggs said.

"We are showing solidarity with those of our listeners who have chosen to give up something for Lent, therefore, we, Riggs+Reesha, are giving up Chingy's music for 40 days (or more)", Reesha answered, when being questioned by a confused Riggs.

When asked what she thought about the morning team giving up Chingy for Lent, 1073 KFFM Listener Deanna exclaimed: "You're giving up WHO for Lent?"

Other listeners to the morning show were not immediately available for comment, as they are likely commuting to work, preparing breakfast meals for themselves and their family members, stalking someone on Facebook, and/or listening to the show as a way to cure their insomnia.

In a final show of commitment to Lent, Riggs+Reesha vow not to play any more Chingy songs on the radio, at least not until after March 21, 2016.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please show up at The Apple Bin Shell Gas Station on Nob Hill Blvd after today's show, since that is likely where Riggs will be buying corn dogs, which he has decided he is not going to give up for Lent.