Over in Spain a siesta or "midday nap" isn't as common as it used to be but in Mexico if you want it and your work allows you to take a short rest after lunch, people are taking full advantage. In New Zealand, there are businesses figuring out how to provide their employees with just four days of work and a three day weekend. Just look at what a nap a day can do for your body

Do you see how a quick cat nap could set you right again?

It got me thinking about different cultures and countries, how hard America grinds it out, and if it's even really benefiting us. Which, in some ways, it looks like pushing yourself constantly past the limit is no good!

  1. You can become irritable, less patient, anxious, and oversensitive
  2. When once you used to thrive creatively you've hit a major block, you're even finding it tough to problem solve
  3. You can become exhausted, lethargic, a clear sign your body and mind need to rest

Taking time to yourself every day is very important. While you are enjoying your morning coffee you can set-up a list of the most important items to accomplish in the day instead of playing on your phone. If you love messing with your apps, set an alarm or timer so you are aware of just how much time has flown by. Sadly I am guilty of this too.our lack of time management can lead to not accomplishing tasks and make you feel even more moody and frustrated.

Overall it seems like there isn't a cookie-cutter plan for a four day work week, some businesses would thrive while others might need to hire more employees to allow for the shortened work experience while still producing.

It might mean a few more hours of work within the four you work but having three full days each week for you and what you need to get done sounds pretty sweet to me!

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