What day is it? Hump Day! Middle of the week has got loads of us all feeling like a nap is in order and if not, can you honestly answer this question?

I never used to be a napper until I started hanging around my now husband, who I might add is a professional when it comes to napping. I have fought naps for years while my husband has had a pretty strict daily napping schedule. His mood is always improved and he plows through projects so I am all for it. Over the years I have started to take advantage of a few more naps through the week and now that we have a kitten in the house, the nap game is at a whole new level.

I find myself trying to curl up and get some much needed (insert Winnie walking over the keyboard) =][[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[= cuddles. Since the acceptance of these naps, I have started seeing some major benefits from the occasional wind-down like waking up rested, reduced stress, lower levels of anxiety, and also more of an appreciation for my daily tasks instead of it feeling like it's an actual grind.

We are always on the go, I push myself and get overwhelmed but it's important for all of us to remember, especially these days, how important downtime is. Our bodies aren't made to go 150% all day every day, eventually, we all will crash, your work will suffer, your body and even your relationship might take a hit. So before you hit the wall. Take a step back and might suggest adding a kitten to your life?

Having our kitten has made me pause. They sleep like 16 hours a day so there are plenty of chances to chill for a second. Winnie has gotten so used to my husband's mid-day snooze that if he doesn't take it, she will follow me around the house waiting to be picked up for some snuggles and a quick purr fest. It's like medicine and I find myself making sure to take time every day to get some of that pure joy.

Today, Winnie played hard until she was exhausted but still wanted to be around me so she batted at me a few times, walked over the keyboard, crawled in the space I normally put the keyboard when I am done, and fell asleep. I got to keep typing and literally that sentence above is when she decided she needed to come out from her space and come get extra cuddles. I mean come on! I couldn't take a nap today but just allowing those precious moments of quiet while she slept on me and purred away was almost as good.

Sarah Johnson
I was working on this post and she just couldn't wait any longer to get her cuddles

You might have heard having a sleep schedule is important for your health and taking me time is also important but how much importance do you put into nap time? It doesn't have to be hours, it actually shouldn't be, just a quick burst of 20 or 30 minutes and best to start before 3 pm if you'd like to be able to fall asleep at night.

Seriously, take a moment to figure out how to fit a little nap into your day and your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it. Adding a kitten to the mix is just icing on the cake!

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