The term "Redneck" used to be an insult, but in the 21st-century people are proud to call themselves rednecks. Whether you love country music, live off the grid, work a blue-collar job or just love sun tanning the back of your neck.

We have five signs you're probably a redneck living your best life in Washington. We'll talk about specific Redneck traits in a Washingtonian, see how many you end up with, and let us know how big of a redneck you are!

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5.) You have a Short Cut No-one Knows About

My dad was like this, sometimes the shortcut was actually faster and I saw backroads I had no idea even existed. But a good amount of the time it was just a way to avoid traffic and the drive had another 30 mins added to it. So your Short Cut isn't actually a short cut but it's a route you'd rather take. Definitely a Washington Redneck trait!

4.) You use Mt. Rainer as an indication that it's nice out.

When it's above 70 and finally getting some sunshine instead of saying "Boy it's nice out." you go to the "Mountains out! it's a beautiful day!" Or if it's raining and dreary you hear, "Can't even see the mountain today."

3.) You've got a collection of Cars and Boats...That Doesn't Work

Your front lawn decorations are some older vehicles that you've been working on for quite some time. You see a project or something that needs a little fixing up and you know you can get the job done...but whether or not you have the time is another story.

2.) You Collect old Cans of Grizzly Wintergreen

Chewing is a big thing in redneck culture, people love their packs of wintergreen and the die-hards even collect the used cans to stack or use as decoration. If you walk into someone's room with a pyramid of cans you know you're in redneck country.

1.) You've got Antlers in your Home

Don't get me wrong, hungting is amazing, it's relaxing, it almost gives you this dose of serotonin that resests you once you returned home. But if you're anything like my redneck dad you keep the trophies from the hunt, get them stuffed and mounted on your wall. My dad has an Elk head mounted in his living room that barley leaves you any room to walk around. Now that's redneck dedication.


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