In this edition of "Reesha Tries Really Hard To Eat Healthier Stuff This Week", I will try a kombucha for the first time. Disaster ensues.

Before we get to the disaster, let me ask you, what exactly is kombucha, anyway? I still don't really know why it exists or why people are out here drinking it in droves. All I know is that it's "fermented tea" that is supposed to be really healthy, and I'm trying to eat healthier stuff in my life. I've heard about it in passing, but what really made me pay attention to it was an episode of Designated Survivor.

In this (now cancelled) show on ABC, the character of Emily Rhodes (Italia Ricci) is the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States (played by Keifer Sutherland), and she is obsessed with kombucha on Season 2, episode 1.

After my disastrous experience trying kombucha for the first time (watch the video above, it's about 45 seconds long), I ended up spilling the rest of it all over my dining table and carpet. My daughter, Willow filmed me drinking it and she thought it was hilarious.

I guess Kombucha and I aren't meant to be. I'll just stick with drinking regular tea! Ay yi yi. Whatever. Now take my fun Kombucha quiz.

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