Well hello there.

I'm writing this from my half moved-in office, my tired eyes are a bit puffy because my husband and I got into a bit of an argument this morning. We are currently in the middle of a move with some exciting developments that are causing us both a bit of anxiety. We are working hard on communicating but not every day is perfect so this morning when I asked, with an attitude, what was going on. All hell broke loose.

Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and remove yourself from the area, we have since calmed down and though I wish it had never happened, sometimes butting heads and frustrations are a part of life. Our partners can be an easy punching bag, not literally so please no hitting, and if hitting is occurring there are much deeper issues going on and you both need to seek help.

Our partners are our best friend and also our person too so when they are upset, tensions can start to rise super fast, especially with the added joy of a pandemic.

When I got to work and settled in I was updating the website and the breaking story about Kelly Clarkson filing for divorce from her husband of seven years made me say out loud, "oh no." I don't know why they are divorcing, they have two kids together and also have been quarantined as a family in their favorite place in the world, their ranch. It's none of our business the inner workings of their private life but they aren't the only couple that has called it quits recently.

  1. Kristin Cavallari and Jay Butler have filed and are also taking shots at each other
  2. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have ended their relationship
  3. The relationship between  Julianne Hughes and Brooks Laich is over with a lot of interesting twists and turns since the beginning
  4. Some relationships I am not surprised by like the end of Scott Disick and Sofia Richie ending
  5. Meghan Fox and Brian Austin Green have had issues but seemed to work them out until they recently split
  6. Actress Jaime King and her husband split after five years together and it sounds like it did not end well. The police had to be involved which is such a bummer because I know they spent a lot of time working hard to have children together
  7. Mary-Kate was recently trying to get an emergency divorce that has since been granted from her husband of five years Olivier Sarkozy
  8. Caterina Scorsone from Grey's Anatomy and her husband just had their third baby and now are divorcing after 10 years

The list goes on and on but you know what? There are still a lot of couples working hard to be together, every single day.

I asked listeners to drop their tips and tricks so here is what they had to say

  • Trust, Communication, don't take things personally all the time, hold hands a lot, eat great food together, and kiss every chance you get. - Josh
  • Trust, communication... compassion and empathy... respect and honor each other, but also know that it’s okay to respect and honor yourself.But what I’ve seen, is above all, PATIENCE, and perhaps a nose plug... because chances are you can’t always hold it in... Plus all the stuff Joshua said - Kaimu
  • Always finish the argument with..... "I Love You." - Tyler
  • My husband and I don't live together. He travels a lot for work during the week. Being away from each other gives us a chance to miss each other. That's what couples need. I've heard a lot of relationships are in strain right now. They're irritating quirks begin to be too much after a while - B
  • Change together not apart - Elaina
  • Interesting fact - the majority of divorces take place around the seven year mark. Marriage experts say that it takes about 7 years to really learn the dance that is marriage. So, most couples give up right at the point where they’re about to start getting it.
    Marriage is tough. There’s no such thing as the perfect marriage. Those who survive are usually the most war-torn. They’ve fought with each other, fought FOR each other, and experienced the pains of life together. If someone is looking for a marriage that only celebrates the good, they’re gonna be in trouble. My wife and I have experienced the very best and WORST in life - and we embrace BOTH as part of our story. We’ve experienced the best and worst of EACH OTHER. And we embrace both as part of our story. There is just as much beauty in the Pain as there is in the joy, and you have to learn to embrace both. - Shawn
  • Have a baby, I guess ;) that way all your focus is on the kiddo and not what you can be mad at each other about! Seriously, though, I loved every minute I was able to be home with my husband. We always have a good time and starting a family together was one of the best decisions we ever made. - Jenne
  • Learn to pick your battles and also know what battles are important to your partner because sometimes it means the world to them and you don't always have to be right
  • When your husband is playing MLB the show and it’s the 9th inning and says “ leave me alone “ u should really leave them alone ‍♀️‍♀️ Same with the good parts of a Metallica song there are certain parts of songs that deserve moments of silence! Oh and feed them bacon!
  • It's important to know what your love language is and also what your partners love language is

Every moment is a new chance to suck it up and be better, for you and your partner. This post isn't to shame you for calling it quits, this is a message to everyone to know you are not alone in your relationship struggles, and in the end, we all want to be loved and love. It's just sometimes we are doing it in weird or unhealthy ways.

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