One of my favorite spots in the food court at the Yakima Mall was Flaming Wok. It was your basic Chinese food-style establishment. You order an entree that comes with your choice of rice or noodles and you're on your merry way. I wish we still had this specific place in town.

I think these are exclusive to malls or something because I've seen a few of them since Yakima Mall including a mall in Casper, Wyoming as well as one in Spokane.

Their specialty was their sesame chicken. Not sure what it was about it, but it was something special. At the Yakima Mall location, the person behind the counter would hand out free samples on a toothpick exclaiming, "Wanna try a free sample? Sesame Chicken. Only $4.29!" Yes, I remember the price even today.

Although the prices have raised by now, I'm sure, whenever I see one I still have warm memories about it. Even if I don't order anything.

I'm hoping we can get on in our town sometime in the near future.

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