If you love good food, then this news right here is heaven sent! Meraki Creations is set to re-open their physical location on Summitview, sometime in November!

The owner, Angie DeVora, has been hustling and praying like nobodies business. First, she had to shutter her doors for a bit to catch her footing when Covid-19 hit. She had only been open for a few months but in that time I got the chance to become obsessed with her Valley Omelet

The Valley Omelette from Meraki Creations
The Valley Omelet with goat cheese and locally grown asparagus

My tummy is literally doing somersaults while I write this, the flavors are on point with little touches that are super unique. Flavor bombs for sure.

Back when every restaurant was applying for Covid-19 grants, she ended up not being eligible because of how new her business was. Heartbreaking. We tried to assist by raising funds to keep her afloat and it worked for a bit but then she had to shut down again. Crazy though, Angie never stopped smiling and figuring out unique ways to keep making her creations.

The community came together, figured out catering gigs and lately she has been working out of Valley Brewing Company. I mean look at the charcuterie board she has!

Recently I added her to my job list posting so I knew something was up and now I know what. Reopening. I asked Angie for a quote and still being quiet about the exact details here are her thoughts

Good things come to those that believe,

Better things come to those that are patient,

And the best things come to those that don't give up.

Author unknown

YES! She also wanted to make sure that everyone knows it's not just about being patient and not giving up it's about trusting the process and her faith and belief in God has really helped to keep her on the right path. Look at you lady!

I'll keep you posted but here are some of the foods she features

Meraki Creations is Re-Opening

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