Don't be pretending you don't have a stash of snacks available somewhere in your office - usually in one of your desk drawers. I have a drawer dedicated to at my desk. I never have change for the candy machine and need something with more substance than that, especially for those days I skip breakfast to get to work on time. What I love about Rosauer's cereal sale is that it's more than just cereal on sale. They also always have granola bars and stuff like that on sale, too!

Good thing, too. I was running pretty low on supplies. I, normally, dump all of the stuff out of the boxes to great a hording pile of individually wrapped stuff. That way, everything is mixed up a bit so I don't devour all of one specific item and have a bunch of other stuff left over. This time I'm actually going to keep this tetris'd like this so I know where everything is... for now.

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