• 1

    Kesha's Look Screams Yard Sale

    Glitter, Feathers And Dirt

    Kesha's has come a long way, but I feel like she's still the type that's brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack in the morning and wants nothing more then to find an amazing vintage deal on Saturday morning!

  • 2

    Jessica Alba Is Honest About Her Love of Yard Sales

    I read somewhere that Jessica has actually stopped on the side of the road to load someone else's junk into her vehicle to refurbish it....Craigslist is a favorite of hers as well

  • 3

    Oprah Is About Giving & Getting Deals!

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Oprah searching for a deal...if only Yakima was the "Hawaiian Islands of Washington" and then for sure she would come around

  • 4

    Macklemore Is Known To Pop Some Tags

    I mean come on, who wouldn't want a broken keyboard...and a knee board?

  • 5

    Will Ferrel Has An Eye For A Deal

    I can totally see Will turning a Saturday morning into a full on yard sale family adventure!

  • 6

    Lady Gaga Makes Outfits Out Of ANYTHING

    I mean she has worn meat, been carried around in an egg...I feel like re-purposing yard sale finds could be her new calling

  • 7

    Diana Ross Goes So Hard She Wears A Fanny Pack

    Tracee Ellis Ross spilled the beans on just how far her Mom will go for a deal and convenience! Can't blame her and glad to know fanny packs are back in style! :)

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