Safety first so let's get the friends and family together, your own households please, grab a bag, some gloves, your mask, and let's clean up our neighborhoods!

Normally Safe Yakima Valley would be putting together a giant neighborhood clean-up with crowds and music, wrapping it all up with food and prized after we're done but Covid-19 has got us still social distancing. So this year we have had to make some adjustments but that's not stopping the fun! You be safe but also it's the first day of Fall! What a perfect way to kick-off a new season by making your neighborhood shine.

A clean neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. And a safe neighborhood creates a space where neighbors reach out to communicate and help each other.

Finally we are seeing blue skies and the sunshining again so it's time to start making a difference! You have from now until September 28th to log your hours, so if you did a half-hour on one day and an hour on another day  You will need to register your combined hours over at the Safe Yakima Valley site to be in the running for incredible prizes that will be announced in the 3 pm hour on 107.3 KFFM September 29th and 30th.

You will not be put on a mailing list, your zipcode is to log that you are located in Yakima County and your phone number is so we can call you when you win! What could you win?

Ray-Ban sunglasses from Hogback Development, weekend

get-aways, meals, haircuts, coffee cards, a state-of-the-art Kingston gaming prize pack, and more.

You could help the kids create a perimeter around your neighborhood, like a four-block radius, and go on daily adventures. Once that's done, you could roll by Grandma and Grampa's neighborhood or your Aunt and Uncles and clean-up there as well.

September 28th, 2020 just so happens to be National Good Neighbor Day so it's a great way to show you care plus there is a chance for awesome swag to be had just for doing a good deed so what are you waiting for?

Safe Yakima Valley
The Neighborhood Clean-Up for 2020 has begun

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