All the ingredients and any other veggies you want to add

Who is ready for one of the best most unhealthy meals around? I am not going to lie. This meal isn't for the gluten-free trying to watch your weight, cutting back on calories type of person. No, this meal is for the I want to treat myself with a flavor bomb of goodness that will have you coming back for seconds, even though you are stuffed and then licking your bowl clean.

There is a method to this madness and I will not only break down the ingredients but also provide you with the proper placement of each item because if you do it just so, your bites will have your taste buds crying out for more!

The basic ingredients that you will need for Pepper bellies are

  • Your favorite chili
  • Fritos (you can go with regular or chili cheese Fritos, sometimes I do a mixture of both sometimes it's the big scoops. Trust me when I say you'll make this again so there's no wrong answer unless you aren't using some type of Frito)
  • Your favorite type of tomato
  • Lettuce, I prefer a thick one like a green leaf but you use spinach or any type that you have on hand
  • pasilla pepper (roast that sucker on the open flame to get a char and then scrape off the black and chop
  • Sour Cream
  • Mexican Cheese, I think the thick-cut gives you the best gooey bite of them all
  • Tapatio
  • Onion (optional)

The fixings for Pepper Belly's

First, you'll want to cook your chili on low while you prep your toppings. Big bowls work fantastic and you are going to start by filling the bottom of your bowl with chips. Try not to go too big with your bowl because this food expands in your stomach, you can always come back for seconds.

After your chips are in I like to sprinkle a bit of cheese, then pour a nice layer of chill on top, more cheese and then we start piling on the lettuce, tomatoes, pepper and give a nice pop of the sour cream, onion if you like and a few taps of Tapatio for good measure.

It's easiest to eat with a fork and you can thank me later on this delicious meal I discovered at a school carnival in California when I was just a little lady. My family has been enjoying it for years. When we moved to Washington State we rediscovered it at local baseball games and it was referred to as a Frito Bandito. Over the years I've switched up toppings and feel like I've found just the right mix.

What say you?

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