Ram Restaurant and Brewery is a popular restaurant in Seattle that ushers in hungry patrons of all ages. A recent note they had posted at one of their locations had people talking. They've decided to do away with tipping. Sounds great, but the flip side is they're automatically charging an extra 19% to your bill to even it out. What do you think? What if your favorite place in Yakima started doing this?

I don't go out to eat often as having three children it can get pretty pricey but, when I do, it's my pleasure to tip. When I worked in food, tips were nice because you could take them home and use that money immediately that night so I never had to wait until my next paycheck if I need milk or wanted to rent a movie - I'd almost always have a few bucks in my pocket. I feel if something like this happens servers will lose out on that experience.

On the other hand, the wages compensate for that and a standardized percentage makes tips fair and equal to all.

I'm on the fence on this subject. What do you think? What if someone did this for your favorite place in Yakima?