The small city of Selah is making headlines across the nation and not in the best way currently. Taking aim at the BLM movement and chalk art of all things.

So a protest and gathering were put together to show support for equal rights and justice this past Saturday in Selah and the crowd came to create. The group putting the movement together is called SAFE which stands for Selah Alliance for Equality. Also in attendance were Black Lives Matter Representatives.

Protesters were encouraged to mask up, keep social distance but also bring signs showing what this movement means to participants as well as chalking up the sidewalk with positive messages and reminders of what is currently going on and what is needed moving forward. There were speeches and also ideas of what should take place in the city.

She says these demands include Cultural competency training for police officer, better de-escalation training, mental health services for the whole community, homeless services for the whole community.

No one deserves to feel less than and if the BLM signs are making you feel some sort of way, perhaps it's time to take a step back and start listening. Equal rights for everyone is not a wild idea. Treating your brothers and sisters with respect is something that should be happening on a regular basis.

Change is not going to come overnight but I just love John Lewis's quote, "Get in good trouble" and if you take a gander at the photos below. I see a lot of positive people wanting Selah to be kind, to be accepting, to be fair, and to be open to the change that is coming. Get involved and definitely, "Get in good trouble" doing it.

Thank you Xander Deccio for capturing these awesome photos.

Selah Protest

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