Wow! Can I get a slow hand clap for this chump over here?

According to the Yakima Herald-Republic, Donald Raymond Frank, owner of Don's Auto Sales in Union Gap, has been booked on suspicion of first-degree theft, motor theft and forgery and was expected to make his appearance in court Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities say he sold a truck that a customer had brought in for repairs, then falsified sales records to cover it up.

I mean, I have heard car salesmen can be slimy but can you imagine taking your vehicle in for work and after a few months, you are told not only is your vehicle gone -- because THEY SOLD IT -- they aren't giving you any of the money they got for it? Um, what?

This dude is accused of forging the paperwork, then selling the truck to an unsuspecting couple, who in turn found out there was a lien on the vehicle. Apparently that's when this guy's really bad decision began to unravel.

I have actually purchased a vehicle from there that only lasted a few months. Died in a smoky heap on the side of the road on my way to Grandview. I mean, used vehicles -- you never really know. But it feels pretty weird to read about this in our own town. Makes you wonder if there are any other people who have had this happen to them.



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