It has been a harrowing kind of day for one of our friends. She found out that once again, she is the Rebound Girl, the female version of the Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck, if you will. She is so sick of the dating game that she could vomit all over your computer screen. In fact, she is virtually doing so as we speak.

What is so wrong with wanting to find and be with the one who will not let you down? The one who CANNOT let you down, because it is not in his or her nature to lead you on or to use you to fill the void that their very recent EX has left in their life. The one who would be so into you that if you two had a big blow up he or she would show up on your doorstep in the pouring rain, begging you to take them back because they *gasp* LOVE you.

When dealing with bad dating adventures, my friend usually watches Sex And The City for TV therapy. She told us that she did so earlier today. One of our friends asked her which Sex And The City character she is. She responded back that "I am 'Miranda': the bitter one with the baby." We were all glad that she has the crazy sense of humor enough to laugh at that because we knew that inside she felt like crying. But it begs to ask the question that some singletons face on the daily: Where is MY someone? Why am I so difficult to love? Why am I always the Rebound Girl/Guy?

Maybe she is actually the Carrie, because she always has all these burning questions about love, that she usually ends up typing out on her laptop just like tonight…with a smoke in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. She'll pose most of such questions to her girlfriends who are already in stable relationships, who just end up laughing in her face and tell her to take a chill pill and/or go find a Mr. Right NOW, but that is not what she is after.

She needs the real thing.

She needs a Coca Cola. Just kidding. She needs true love.

Which SATC character are you? Click on this quiz to find out.

No surprise, our friend scored a Miranda.

You are Miranda. You are drawn to men who can respect your independence and strength, and engage you intellectually. However, you are as hard on potential boyfriends as you are on yourself. It's a tough act to balance the demands of work and dating, but your cynical views on love make it even harder to find someone to take away the loneliness.

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