I am no weather expert, I will leave that to Mike McCabe but I will say I LOVE checking out the radar feature on Accuweather, I find it to be accurate! Badabum!

A few days ago the reports said we were in for some showers, dropping the temps into the lower 60's after enjoying ALMOST 90-degree heat for days last week so I checked the forecast, and thankfully my warning to hold off on washing your car, rang true.

We had a touch of wind but more clouds and rain showers all across the Yakima Valley. I love this place because being nestled in between mountain ranges sometimes the actual storm clouds can't seem to break through to pour over Yakima but everyone else and their mother is getting hit. It makes for some pretty incredible photos. If you were able to catch some over the past few days feel free to share them via our app

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Or drop them on our 107.3 KFFM Facebook and I'll continue to add them and share. If you were curious what kind of weather lies ahead well let's dive in.

Pretty much moving forward we will be hitting mid-70's and rising, save Saturday with a dip in temperatures to a high of 69 according to Accuweather, rolling into next week looks like mostly sunny skies and highs reaching anywhere from 76 to 79 and into the 80's next week!

Yakima Valley Weather Photos

From Our Last Wind Storm

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