We’ve seen some clever proposals on the internet, but this is one of the very best — especially if you happen to be a Disney fan.

Filmmaker Lee Loechler decided the best way to pop the question to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, was to insert both of them into her favorite movie, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. As you’ll see in the video, with the help of illustrator Kayla Coombs, Loechler was able to replace Aurora and Prince Phillip with cartoon likenesses of himself and his bride-to-be, and screen the results in a theater, at what seems to be just another screening of the animated classic. In fact, the audience was full of plants, and Loechler was filming the whole thing.

On Instagram, Loechler wrote that the whole scheme took six months to execute, and that “the only thing better than seeing the smartest person I know completely dumbfounded was knowing we’d get to live happily ever after together.” He even added a little “Disney magic” with the way he revealed the ring. Watch the whole thing here:

Very, very impressive — maybe too impressive, frankly. Now, the next time someone wants to propose to a Disney fan, they have to learn how to be an animator first. Thanks a lot, Lee.

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