Growing up in the 80s, we had some awesome breakfast cereals. Many of which don't exist today. One of my favorites was called S'mores Crunch which consisted of chocolate-flavored 'Golden Grahams' with marshmallows. It wasn't on shelves very long, but I loved it. Kellogg's did release a Smorz cereal, but it's not the same. If you want to make a cereal based on the classic s'mores flavor, this is more true to the original and your kids will love it. You will, too.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Golden Grahams (or the local brand is fine)
  • Chocolate Toast Crunch (it's new so you may need to look for it)
  • Mallow Bits (found near the marshmallows of most stores)
  • First of all, Mallow Bits are dehydrated marshmallows often found in hot chocolate packets, but it's the same type of marshmallows they use in breakfast cereals. You can also go all out and order some cereal marshmallows if you'd like to add some color. This cereal remix wouldn't be made possible without the new cereal Chocolate Toast Crunch. As soon as I saw that was available, I thought of making this.

    The beautiful thing is you can add as much or as little as you want from either side. Make it super chocolaty or add as many marshmallows as you'll allow. You could even pre-mix and store in an air proof container for easy access. Either way, just mix these up and enjoy!

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