I'm not crying, you're crying!

This video had me in tears this morning. It's the perfect example of the connection teachers and students have.

Dr. Brown had logged into his zoom class to find that all the cameras had been turned off. Imagine trying to connect with your students and you can't see any of them. He made a quick joke about hearing other teachers experiencing the same thing in class, even explaining that sometimes the teachers click off their video as well so no one can see anything during class, and then it happens.

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His students were not only ready to begin class but they had a very special message for Dr. Brown. They wanted to show him just how much they loved and appreciated him so like a Christmas Tree lights being plugged in the cameras turned on for each student and every screen was filled with a sweet message for him!

From thank you messages to we love you and more shined bright. Dr. Brown was so overcome with emotion he had to excuse himself to go grab a tissue and honestly, I had to as well.

It's times like these we get to appreciate the connection students and teachers are making during such a tough time so I would like to offer the chance for any student or parent to give a shout-out to their favorite teachers before Christmas arrives.

You can record your message and send it via our app, we will put it together and put them on the airwaves in hopes they hear your message

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