Where to Find Ramen in Yakima
Like many, I grew up with the instant ramen you find cheap in stores. It was one of the few things I was comfortable making myself when my parents weren't available. I always just kind of figured that's what ramen was. I was very wrong later in life when I attended my first ramen restaurant about 20…
Read the fine print?
I know it's the cheapest of the cheap, but my kids and I love ramen. My daughter pointed something out that I never noticed before on a ramen pack that is something that I can almost promise nobody has paid attention to.
Yakima Needs a Legit Ramen Restaurant
I was in Seattle the other day when my wife suggested a restaurant that someone else told us about. I'm down to try just about anything. It was a ramen place, but they had bacon ramen on the menu. That got us thinking; I wonder how well a ramen restaurant would do in Yakima.
Ramen in Yakima
After years of lamenting about it, I'm happy to announce that Yakima finally has a restaurant that serves ramen. This isn't your '10 for a dollar' style ramen, either. This stuff is legit.
In Honor of Momofuku, Five Ways to Ramen ‘Gourmet’
You may have seen Momofuku Ando trending today. He would've been 105 today, but lived a very long life. He was one of the original inventors of instant ramen. Because of that, he's one of the reasons I'm alive today as that was a staple food of mine growing up. You don't just hav…
Ramen. That's all we ask.
When I was visiting Seattle this past weekend, we had it in mind to find a place that serves ramen. I'm not talking about your 10 packs of dehydrated noodles for a dollar-style ramen, but the real stuff the cheap ramen is inspired by. Naturally, this begged our question: "Why doesn&apo…
How to Make Ramen From Scratch at Home [RECIPE]
Many of us grew up on ramen. It's a Japanese noodle soup and it's one of the cheapest items in any grocery store. Because of that, ramen, in America, holds a notion that ramen is cheap food for cheap people. That is not the case. If you've ever been to a restaurant and had real ramen, you'll know wh…
Man Eats Noodles Out of Beard Bowl
Beards are getting out of control, nowadays. Men showing off their manliness by how long or groomed their beard is. Although I honestly believe that a long, burly beard is the 2010 version of the 'mullet', this guy can do some pretty amazing things with his beard including morphing it into…