After years of lamenting about it, I'm happy to announce that Yakima finally has a restaurant that serves ramen. This isn't your '10 for a dollar' style ramen, either. This stuff is legit.

Kyoto Sushi and Steak House is now open. You can find them off of 24th and Washington. This is a restaurant I've been waiting for for quite a while. I've seen the coming soon signed posted there for what seemed like a year or two. Driving by over the weekend, I happen to spot the 'now open' sign so my wife and I decided to check it out for our wedding anniversary lunch.

The inside decor was very inviting and was extremely excited to see hibachi tables where they cook and prepare the food in front of you. They also had a sushi bar.

The prices were on par with any other type of place like this. Admittedly, I thought the prices would be a little steep for my tastes but was pleasantly surprised how reasonable they were. That's when it caught my eye.


This place carries ramen on the menu. I knew exactly what I was going to order. They had a Spicy Shrimp Ramen option on the lunch menu, but I wanted to try the beef ramen so I ordered that, opting to pay a few extra bucks for it.

I've been to a few ramen and noodle places in the Seattle area. I was hoping the noodles had a little more 'body' to them as they felt just like typical ramen noodles, but the flavor was spot on! It's definitely worth ordering.

There were plenty of other menu options to keep me coming back but, when in doubt, I'll stick with the ramen and I'll be good.