I love both ramen and miso. At the grocery store the other day these items caught my eye. If it was as convenient to just have the broth available it would be the best thing ever. I sure hope these taste like the original.

Short answer, they don't.

I started with ramen and, to me, it didn't taste anything like ramen broth. Not even top ramen which would've been fine. It was a kale-base broth and I do like kale. It's not that it tasted terrible, but wasn't the type of ramen broth I was expecting.

Miso, I thought, would taste more like what it was supposed to but it didn't, either, which was very disappointing. Even the powdered miso you mix in with hot water tasted more legit than this.

Just throwing this out there that if you have the same thoughts on these if you happen to see them, go ahead and pass on them. They're not worth it. I didn't think they were, anyways.

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