Real talk. I stepped on the scale today and I weigh 193.

The last time I weighed this much and above was actually January of 2019, so it's not too far of a stretch.

I have successfully gained about 21 pounds this past year and I know why.

1) I stopped tracking my food

2) I stopped going to the gym

3) I decided to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted

For a long time it didn't effect anything and then the pounds slowly started sticking. If you're in that spot where you have noticed you have no road map. It's cool, we can flip this **** together, you down?

First, support is major so who in your life has been saying the same thing about wanting to get fit? Reach out to them and tell em you're ready. If you can't think of any one person there are over 300 waiting in GET IT RIGHT! GET IT TIGHT! it's a free support group I have been running with my beautiful friend and nutritionist Michelle. It's a great place to come and peruse recipes, gain insight, ideas and also vent :)

Second, how do you want to track your progress?

This go around I'm leaning on my fitbit. The hubs got me a charge 3 and I really enjoy it. All of the fitbits/watches are awesome to keep you on track not only for steps but sleep, heart rate and more. I will be tracking my calorie intake from there. My goal is to stick to around 1,700 - 1,800 per day. For my height, body type and being female this count is where my maintenance calories should land. I am pretty sure I have been eating over 2,000 a day so instead of going beserker and shooting right to 1,200 calories a day. I want to get back into the swing of things. There is no need to punish yourself. You do that mentally all day every day, so let's work on that too shall we?

Let's be friends and we can challenge each other with weekly group sessions to all get our steps in. Find me Sarah J on fitbit if you have one.

The goal is to reach 10,000 steps minimum per day. This is achievable but you need to have a game plan. Getting ahead for the day always helps. I currently have 722 steps, I have a ways to go :)

Third, the water chug. Everything you drink has liquid in it but not all liquids are created equal. Soda will dehydrate you, diet soda has some weird additives that dumbs your taste buds down and make you crave more sugar. Coffee is king but we all know caffeine can reek havoc on your system, making you go long stretches of time without eating and then you are all shaky and wired and then you crash and eat 20 tacos. I know, I have been there. :) You are ok.

You can get yourself a fancy water bottle, you can even add cucumbers or lemon to it to help aid with digestion and make it look more appealing. I tested out chopped up cucumbers in ice cube trays the other day and it worked like a charm. Tip: you only need a small slice in each cube and once they thaw, they are still crispy and yummy so eat them.

Lastly the meal plan.

If you want to wing it you can but let's be honest. How has that really been going for you?

So let's try and make it relatively simple for the first go around

1)Three meals and two snacks

2) Daily calorie count for a female 1,700 for a male 2,200 - to maintain or lose.

I like to step on the scale once a week so I am not turning into a wild weight watcher. Stepping on the scale every day can cause your mood to plummet or soar. You don't want your day to be consumed by what you weigh. One time a week at about the same time will give you a consistent read on the scale and help you see if you need to adjust your calorie count down or up. If you lost, it's working. If you gained, why? If you are curious you can also weigh yourself that night and those two weights are where you really are. Water weight and all :)

3) What am I going to eat?

Ok, what do you like to eat? You can still eat pizza and chips but pay attention to the calorie count. You are searching for items that are higher in fiber and protein. This will help with digestion and also help with keeping you full until your next meal.

I LOVE Healthy Choice microwaveable meals - Korean Beef and the Mango Pork ones are my current favorite. I also really love the Thai Salads from Safeway. Pay attention to serving size too. One time I was eating two or three servings and only marking it as one :)

Are you a snacker? I am too and I just love a good crunch. Pickles, baked brussel sprout chips, celery - all these are zero calorie weight watcher wise and just a great low to no calorie snack to help keep you feeling like you are treating yourself but not cheating yourself.

You can buy pre-made meals, not everything has to be organic and made from scratch. It's about finding the meals and snacks that you like and then making them available to you. Oh, and not being tempted but sometimes you will.

Last night I got into double stuffed fudge oreos dipped in fudge. I didn't even know these existed and I couldn't eat just one. I had two and my husband said, "You need to start locking it up." I said, "I know" We are at the point in our relationship where we can say those things to each other and I don't get offended. He needs to start gaining weight, I need to lose it. Those two cookies were 140 calories. Not as bad as I would have thought and honestly worth it. Rich as all hell but oh so yummy.

We LOVE to eat together and we still will but we won't be eating the same things most of the time and that is ok, actually it's for the best because I can tell I am back to eating because I love the taste and not always because I am hungry. Man!

In the end it's all on you but you don't have to do this alone so pull up your big girl or boy pants and let's start gaining back that confidence as the pounds slowly fall off.

I will check back in with everyone on Tuesday, January 28th. It's only a week away but if you are interested in joining the movement to a healthier you, you can message me via the app, join the Get It Right! Get It Tight! group and share with a friend for an entries into our second give-away of the month. A gift card to purchase the item YOU need to continue staying motivated. :)







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