Online blogger, Jezebel, reports that tattooed teeth are making a comeback. Ugh.

I guess since I've never seen it up close and in person, I can't really sit here and be all judgemental about it. But really? Tattooes on your TEETH?

An excerpt from the online article states: "Tatteeth," as it's being called, is only meant for patients who are in need of a dental crown. How it works is a dentist takes an impression of the tooth where the crown will later be fitted. The tooth mold is then sent to a dental lab where the design is added. For $75 to $200, you can have your favorite art work on your teeth. And the possibilities are endless—people have gotten Homer Simpson, the Oakland Raider's logo, and cats."

In that case, if I ever need a crown, I will ask for a martini glass with cherries in it! UGH! But still CUTE, am I right, Ladies?!

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