As everyone is taking baby steps toward re-emerging from the pandemic chaos and businesses are beginning to strive and thrive again, it's entirely disheartening to hear of the kind of senseless and despicable crime that took place early Friday.

Revered local bakery, BUHRMASTER BAKING COMPANY, now located in Zillah, is a favorite among Farmer's Markets in our region from Ellensburg to Yakima to Tri-Cities, as well as a mainstay at Wray's Food & Drug at Chalet Place in Yakima and in Selah. Buhrmaster's world was turned upside down today as a result of a robbery, theft, and what appears to have been an arson attack.

According to the owner and renowned baker, Larry Burmaster, someone broke a window at the Bakery, located at 1002 Vintage Valley Parkway in Zillah, just off the I-82 freeway. Once inside, among other things, the brazen and ruthless thieves stole tills, loaded and prepped for the Farmer's Market in Richland, as well as all of the keys to everything. This enabled the thug or thugs to steal a Buhrmaster Baking Company truck, which was loaded with fresh bread. The truck was then driven to Union Gap, abandoned back by the railroad tracks near or behind Hansen Fruit, and set ablaze.

Anyone with any information about these crimes and the criminals who perpetrated them is asked to contact local authorities immediately. Contact Zillah Police Department in relation to the break-in and burglary, and you're asked to contact Yakima Police Department in relation to the alleged ARSON involving the burned-up truck.

Burmaster wants customers to know they can still find their favorite Buhrmaster bread, bagels, breadsticks, brioche, and cookies at Wrays. Although they had to cancel their appearance at the Richland Market today and won't be in Pasco tomorrow, they will be at the Ellensburg Market on Saturday and the Yakima Downtown Farmer's Market on Sunday. Please make a point to stop by and support this excellent local business.

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