I'm a huge fan of egg drop soup. When I'm at most Chinese restaurants it's often what I'll order. My wife and I saw a recent post for an invitation to try this specific egg drop soup and, when I finally did, I about dropped the spoon it was so good.

We were drawn to this Facebook post.

Sure, it looks great, but how is it?

First of all, as you can see, the photo I took and the photo of what was photoed were basically the same. Y'know, how you might see an ad for the juiciest cheeseburger ever, then what you get is a dry, flat, boring burger? Nothing like that here at all.

It's hard to pinpoint what makes this the best egg drop soup I've ever had in my life, but everything works. I didn't have to add any extra salt or pepper or anything, it was already perfect.

There's a hint of kick to it, too. Like a hot sesame oil or something. The Facebook post generically said it was "chili oil" but not sure what, specifically. It was very welcome.

The mushrooms were fun, too.

Again, everything about this was perfect. If you find yourself near Cowiche Canyon Kitchen, might be worth stopping in for.

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