Now that we've seen our first official snow fall of the season, it's time to bust out your toboggans, sleds and your snowsuits (or, if you're broke, your garbage can lids, hefty sacks and your dad's clothes so you don't ruin yours) and go sledding. Here are the places I like to go sledding in Yakima.

  • Franklin Park

    16th and Chestnut

    First and foremost on the list has to be Franklin Park. One park that gives you several options from the straightaway for speed, the terraces for extreme, injury-prone fun and even a couple of smaller areas for the kids on the side. This place fills up pretty quickly during the day since it's free and the best place in Yakima so either get there early or manage with the chaos.

  • Flickr, edenspictures
    Flickr, edenspictures

    Milroy Park

    16th and Summitview

    Milroy park isn't bad. It's a short slope but, man, is it steep! Climbing up is the worst part and you don't have a lot of room at the bottom of the hill before slamming into the chain link fence. Still worth the effort.

  • Flickr, skpy
    Flickr, skpy

    Randall Park

    Randall Park may looks like a nice, flat park where you can walk or jog the track, plays at the playground or feed the ducks at the duck pond. But on the backside where they have the basketball courts, there's a hill that goes down into the little brook behind the park. The major fault with this is there's a chance you may get wet, but if it's cold enough it freezes over and you'll be fine.

  • West Valley School

    At the school in West Valley house a very popular sledding spot. Not that it's reserved for anyone, but since it's so far in West Valley this place may be worth the trip if you have the time. We love to try to build up enough speed to make it to the parking lot. Watch out for trees and for that fence!

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    22nd from Yakima Ave. to Chestnut Ave.

    Now, I don't condone sledding down an actual street, but if I were to pick a street in Yakima, I'd say 22nd between Yakima and Chestnut is one of the steepest ones. It's a street I don't even like to drive down. Again, I wouldn't recommend it, but I can neither confirm nor deny having a blast sledding down this small section of road.

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