Are you still paying off your school loans? I am and there's no shame in it but what if you could wipe out all that for your child? Your nieces and nephews and more?

In steps the GET Program or Washington College Savings Plans. Take the worry of paying for their future education out of the mix by choosing the program that works best for you from the following options; Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET Program) or the Dream Ahead College Investment Plan.

The typical age parents begin is around 6 years old but honestly Luke is about to have his first baby and as they plan the baby shower, that's the kind of gift he's interested in. Real talk, I don't blame him.If your child is already past that age, it's ok. It's never too late to chip away at those future bills.

You can set up an automatic withdrawal and then not even think about the money that is being raised for your child's future. If they choose to go outside of the box to a trade school the money is still good to go. Not interested in college at all? It can be transferred to the kid that will be taking care of you in your old age ;)

It's never too early or late to get started learning about how to prepare for your child's education so rather than allowing it to sneak up on you. Grab the info and get started today.


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