Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to read I go! With a scroll real fast and a sign right here! I've signed my life away, hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's an age-old story I know!

Anyone else frantically try to sign up for Disney's D23:The Official Fan Club streaming special last night? I THOUGHT the deadline was last night and technically it was, but that fine print had me spinning :)

If you have no idea what I am talking about, Disney has decided to throw their hat in the streaming game and things are getting intense.

Disney owns Marvel, which means if you have enjoyed streaming the latest "Thor" or "Captain America" movies and more on OTHER platforms, the end of those days could be drawing near!

I am not sure exactly what it will look like, but Disney will basically stream all your favorites in one spot for a monthly fee. There was a special floating around for a while now, a three-year streaming bundle that broke down to just a few dollars a month. So of course because I love a good procrastination, I decided to attempt to get it late last night.

Here is how that went.

Easy sign-up on Disney's website and I can see the breakdown of the steps to take part in said streaming special, but I can't figure out how to get to it. Reading through the fine print I see that I should be receiving a code. In the next 8-10 hours! Whoops! I need this code tonight.

So I post this on Facebook:

Not only will I not receive my code in time, Disney has already set up my free membership subscription to begin Tuesday, Sept. 3. It's still the second. Interesting. I get a private message from a friend who has given me THEIR code so I can get the discount. So I dive in deeper and realize, I needed to have already been a Disney Fan Club member by the first of the month! Gosh dang it! AND you needed to have gotten ALL of it taken care of by 11:59 p.m. PT. My window has gone and fine print strikes again!

I have seen this stuff floating around, I know this would have been a perfect present for my husband's upcoming birthday -- what a great surprise. But because of the fine print I will now have to pay the higher price like everyone else who showed up on the late train!

I know one friend who secured it, but honestly she has two kids and is very organized so I get it. Three years of savings sounded pretty sweet but I guess it's a good lesson in not waiting until the last minute and actually reading through the fine print :)

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