I grew up on the Yakama Nation rez. Anytime I go to another rez, I notice a few similarities. From powwows to family gatherings. There's a few items that most Natives have. I call this "The Rez Starter Kit." The list is is a little long, so I narrowed it down to these items. Keep in mind not all reservations have the same list. So it may vary. But here is what we have on the Yakama Rez.

  • Photo By D-Rez/ TSM
    Photo By D-Rez/ TSM

    'Rez Milk'

    Most people know it as Pepsi. But most people on the Rez know it as "Rez Milk." Unless you're diabetic, then it's a "Diet Rez Milk." It's also a good mixer. Depending on what you mix it with.

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    On every rez, tobacco is pretty much a necessity. Either used for the lungs or traditional use. Yes we Natives still use tobacco for traditional purposes.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Duct Tape

    Duct tape fixes pretty much anything. From worn-out moccasins to cars. Speaking from experience, it's always a good idea to have a roll of duct tape. My feet still hurt from the last powwow. And my car is still running. Too bad it can't fix a broke relationship ... or can it?

  • Photo By D-Rez/TSM
    Photo By D-Rez/TSM

    Sunflower Seeds

    A rez snack favorite. Most likely you'll see these at a softball tournament.

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