Legends Casino Hotel, owned and operated by the tribal members of the Yakama Nation. Opened its doors back on May 15th, 1998. I was in middle school at this time.

Celebrating With A Cake and Cupcakes

Legends Casino Hotel Birthday cake and cupcakes
Photo By D-Rez

Then when I turned 18. With the little money that I had. I would go to Legends and either win or donate.

Legends has gone through a lot of changes over the years. I remember there used to be an arcade. And at one point in time. There was a waterfall in the middle of the casino.

But Legends Casino hotel brought in several events. From MMA to boxing matches. To comedy shows and concerts. And many other events, including the pow wow and stick games.

Many celebrities have performed at Legends Casino Hotel. Most recently Chris Tucker, Smokey Robinson, to TLC.


Also over the years. Legends Casino has made some changes. Like adding the hotel and new buffet in 2017. In 2018 There was the addition of the event center. Where a lot the shows are now held.

Legends Casino Hotel has also made donations. To many organizations, not only on the Yakama Nation. But around the Yakima Valley.

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On May 15, 2023. Legends Casino Hotel celebrated 25 Yrs. There was a nice celebration in the hotel lobby. General Manager Letisha Peterson. Recognized several people who have worked at Legends. Since the doors opened back in 1998. Currently Legends Casino Hotel employs over seven hundred people from the area.


The Legends Casino Hotel Employees Since Day One

Legends Casino Hotel Employees Since Day One
Photo By D-Rez

At the celebration. Members of the Yakama Nation Tribal government were in attendance. Along with the casino employees and members of the media.

Legends Casino Hotel Celebrates 25 Years
Phot By D-Rez

So what evets are coming to Legends Casino Hotel in the future. You can always check out the Legends Casino Hotel website. Or just check our website and app for more updates.

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