Well, hundreds of people. Maybe even a thousand. Traveled far and near. For the return of the Legends Casino Pow Wow. That took place from May 27th to the 29th. From tribes across the Northwest. Even across the country.

This was the first pow wow to return to the Yakama Nation. But needless to say. A lot of people showed up. To either dance, sing, drum, or even watch the pow wow. At Legends Casino Hotel. Located in Toppenish,WA.

It was great to see everyone enjoy themselves. From the laughter. To the drummers and singers bringing the pow wow to life. To people cheering on the dancers. The pow wow trail was very much missed on the Yakama Nation.

Elder Men of the Yakama Nation dancing in for the Grand Entry at Legends

Elder Men Coming in For Grand Entry
Photo By D-Rez/TSM

I was just walking around. With my camera stuff and met a lady and her son who traveled from Idaho. And I also met a dancer from Browning, Montana. He even told me about his experience eating at Miners.

Traditional Dancer Who Traveled From Idaho
Photo By D-Rez/TSM


So many memories were created during the pow wow. There was even a wedding proposal. A big congratulations to the couple that travel all the way from Oklahoma. So love was in the air as well.

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Sometimes dancers show up to a pow wow for a special. Or a part of the pow wow where someone is honored or recognized.

There was a women's veterans special. Recognizing Sharon Jo Hill. Her son Jason Logie, was MCing this special. Had mentioned Sharon was battling stage 4 colon cancer. For the second time. Sharon is in the picture below, she is the Marine in glasses.

The Women's Veterans Traditional and Combat Gear Special Participants.

Women Veterans With Sharon Jo Hill
Photo By D-Rez/TSM

This special was a time to honor the women who served in the military. A handful of women came forward to participate in the Women's Veteran's Traditional Special. Including my mom, Who is an Army Veteran. Thank you to these ladies that served in the military.

There were many other specials. From The Devin Martinez, round bustle special. Devin, at the time. Was getting ready to graduate from the Yakama Nation Tribal High School. So to him and the class of 2022, Congratulations! This was him stepping up into the adult category in the pow wow circle.

There was also recognition of several members of the Yakama Nation. That had passed on. From a warbonnet /buckskin special in recognition of the late Jr Slim John. A men's fancy dance special in recognition of the late Carl Moses-Hyipeer. And an ironwoman fancy dance contest. In recognition of the late Mildred Onepennee.

These individuals were respected members of the community. And in the pow wow trail. This was a way for these families to help with some closure.

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As mentioned before. This Pow Wow is the first one to take place in the Yakama Nation ever since Covid arrived. So I wanna thank the Legends Casino Pow Wow committee. For bringing this pow wow back. Because this is a way of life. To a lot of Native Americans, including myself. Don't forget to check out Legends Casino Hotel on FaceBook.

The Legends Casino Hotel Pow Wow of 2022



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