The goal was $2,500 and they would shave their heads.

Nothing like a mohawk to brighten your mood!

If you happen to catch two gentlemen around town today with bright colored mohawks honk your horn because it stands for success! Matt and Mike Uhlman have been busy raising funds for The Union Gospel Mission. The original goal was around $2,000 but now they have reached over $6,500 and it keeps rising.

Last month the brothers were challenged and set a goal of $2,500 with the incentive of shaved heads but after a few hours, they nailed it so they upped the ante and threw in mohawks for $5,000. I was loving this so much I reached out and challenged for some hair dye if they could take it higher and now everyone is winning!

The promise was a day at work with the new hairdo and today. They delivered.

The Unicorn Mohawk


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