One of my favorite TikTok takeaways is the food videos that rattle around in my head until fruition. The latest interest has been garlic confit!

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Like tomato confitgarlic confit consists of roasting garlic in generous amounts of fat (extra virgin olive oil) at low heats until it's tender and lightly browned. Once ready, the garlic is soft, sweet, rich, and flavorful without raw garlic bitterness

I keep watching all these videos of people either peeling tons of garlic or just tossing a bag of pre-peeled garlic in a baking dish filled with olive oil, covered with tin foil and baking until bubbling and golden brown.

Seemed simple enough so the other day while shopping I grabbed my own bag of pre-peeled garlic and went for it.

What To Do

Add olive oil until all the garlic is covered then I added flavors suggested by Bon Appetit, add a few sprigs of thyme, three basil leaves, and some red pepper flakes. Mix it all together, cover with tin foil, and pop in the oven at 350 degrees for two hours.

Let me tell you the rich, sweet and savory smell wafting from that oven was amazing. My hubs is not a fan of the strong smell of garlic so I made sure to test this dish while he was at work. Not only did he mention how much he loved the smell of the house, he also tasted and enjoyed it!

People, it's like butter but better! Set it out to cool and then add the garlic confit to air-tight containers with the oil. I saved the rest of the oil in its own container to use for cooking (it's working great and adds so much flavor). The recipe says you can store it for a few months but to be safe three weeks. When you want to use some of the garlic confit just spoon out the amount and set in a bowl or plate until it comes to room temperature. Within minutes it will melt into a golden pool ready to be spread on whatever you have around. So far I have cooked veggies and eggs with it, spread it on my BLT, and on toasted whole wheat English muffins. SO good and worth a try! You'll have enough to share, I gave some to my brother-in-law and also my mother-in-law and am excited to use it the rest up and make another batch!

Garlic Confit

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